Welcome to Splender on Google Play!

Splender is all about meeting new people, whether it is some one from around town, locally, or some one from across the globe.

R75 ($5) for 30 days full access.

Splender is for any one from any where, go on, sign up. Start meeting people from across the globe. Chat, share, have a good time. There is a place in Splender for every one.

Splender is available on the Web and on Google Play Store. Sign up on our website before logging in on our Google Play store app. Coming soon on the App Store.

Whether you are looking for a new friend or a date, join the Splender community and watch as the community grows..

Splender will be stretching out to countries across the world over the next few months. The sole purpose of Splender is to provide a secure platform for members to be able to communicate with one another, whether they are local or international, seeking friendship, companionship or love. Relationships play a big role in our society, relationships not only play apart in our personal lives but in our business affairs to. Watch as the Splender community grows and in doing so, meet a whole lot of new people along the way.

Live Cam & Chat Rooms

Live Cam & Chat Rooms new Addition 😉

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Create your profile for every one to see.

Browse Profiles

Browse profiles of other members.

Chat to Others

Private and public message members.

Make Friends

Make friends, join or create groups.


Upload images, audio, videos for others to see.

World Wide

Meet people from across the globe.

Splender may be used by any one over the age of 18 from any where in the world. The aim of Splender is to provide a platform for the world to use, bridging gaps and bringing people together. Whether you are looking for a new friend or for a date, feel welcome to sign up, there is a place in Splender for every one. For over 18’s, adults only.